July 29th, 2022

      Sundays have also been a crucial day of our lives. When we were little kids going to school with bags heavier than our body weight, we would wait for Sundays. So, we wouldn't have to wake up early like on other days. The first thing on Sunday's To-do list was to watch cartoons in the morning. Sitting on the couch and laughing with our siblings is a core memory for several people. Spending days eating and evenings playing with friends. 

      When we grew up, our Saturday nights became the designated time for parties. To catch up with your friends. These nights are meant to stay up late and make memories. After a lively night, Sundays become the days to revive yourself and relax. 

      Either way, Sundays are meant to wake up late. Sundays are meant to lounge around and relax. Here are a few ways you can dress up for a casual Sunday look, with stylish t shirts for men


      Graphic T-shirts have become every person’s wardrobe staple. Regardless of gender and age, these can be spotted in cupboards. These are like regular T-shirts but have huge motifs printed on them. It could be an abstract pattern or a TV show/ Movie-inspired reference. It can be paired with baggy jeans for a casual look. Complete the look, by adding a pair of sliders. Wear this out, to run errands. Get all the household items on your list while looking trendy. 


      You must have worn a striped T-shirt at some point in your life. These are the T-shirts that have horizontal stripes of different widths printed on them. Chances are that when you wore this in the past, you paired them with denim. This time, ditch the jeans, for a more aesthetic look. Wear beige cargo pants. And add accessories like rings and a watch. You can step out in this outfit, for a Sunday brunch with your friends. Catch up with your friends, in style. 


      It's time to finally watch that movie or show that has been on your watchlist for so long. Put on your TV, grab something to eat, and relax with your comfort character. If you are not into movies, pick up the book that you have been meaning to read. Make sure that you are wearing cozy and comfortable clothes, while you are at it. Wear a solid-colored polo T-shirt, along with a pair of linen pants. This outfit is the epitome of comfort. Lounge around in this outfit. 


      Your body is a temple and you need to care for it. Not a lot of people have time in their regular schedules to work out. Try doing any kind of physical activity on weekdays for 10-15 minutes, this could be swimming, dancing, or anything else. But on weekends, do a workout for a longer period of time. For your gym look, wear a round-neck T-shirt. Instead of neutrals, opt for a trendy pastel-colored T-shirt. Pair this T-shirt with track pants and sports shoes. Complete this look, with your fitness watch. 


      The dawn has set, you have done the weekend shopping and spent time with your friends. Now, plan a relaxing night out with yourself. Take yourself on a movie night. Check the nearest theater that is showing the movie that you want to watch. Book the tickets! Pick a relaxing and stylish outfit. Wear a classic black T-shirt for a night look. To make this look more comfortable, wear a pair of linen pants and sandals. Theatres can get a little chilly, layer this outfit with a denim jacket. Complete the look by adding accessories like a baseball cap. 

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